Project Management for Writers


At Blue Hen, we know that writers never have enough time to write. Taking time out of your day to tend to life’s responsibilities is one thing, but why are you expected to become a competent literary agent for yourself as well?

Different Skillsets

Most writers don’t know how to go about publishing their stories, and they shouldn’t be expected to. It’s an entirely different skillset.

Publishing is a Black Box

Agents or publishers primarily work with well known or book-length authors, leaving few options for the vast majority of writers to get help with publishing.

You Want to Write

And we don’t blame you! Many writers end up abandoning the publishing process before their work gets accepted anywhere in order to get back to what they actually enjoy—the writing.

Blue Hen's Solution: Project Management for Writers

Curated Submission Plans

Every customer will receive an initial consultation to determine goals and curate a submission list.

Close Readings

Our editors will read your piece for theme, tone, and any other important details that will help place it at an appropriate publication. 

In the process, they will proofread for glaring writing, grammar, and formatting mistakes. 

Access to a vetted list of editors is available if more extensive edits are needed.  

Our Story

Blue Hen comes from the German word ‘blühen,’ meaning to blossom or flourish. We understand the hard work and dedication that goes into every story, article, or book you write. That’s why we strive to make the publishing process as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. From the moment you submit your work to the moment you see it in print, we’ll be ready to help, advise and guide you every step of the way. We believe that seeing your name in print is not only a great accomplishment, but also a feeling of fulfillment that every writer should enjoy. Let’s work together to make your writing dreams a reality.


Q: What kind of writers do you work with?

A: We primarily work with short-form writers looking to publish their stories, novellas, poetry, non-fiction pieces, and academic articles.  If you have a long-form project and our services appeal to you, please reach out and we’ll discuss how we can help.

Q: Do you focus on a specific publishing region or genre? 

A: No, we’re willing to work in a variety of regions and genres. In fact, we’re especially interested in working with writers from under-represented markets!

Q: What is your pricing?

A: We offer a variety of services that have different pricing models. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s the best fit, whether it’s a one-time consultation, a quarterly short-story submission plan, or a more standard agent percentage-based contract. 

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